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March 28, 2013

Pre-Texlax Transitioning Notes

Hello everyone finally took the opportunity to really think about transitioning to "Texlax" hair I basically have to consider a few things so I'm sharing with everyone this personal note to myself on what questions I should think about.

Personal "Texlax" Transitioning Notes
*Need to be prepared in having 3 different types of textures (new growth, texlax wavy, and relax straight ends)*
  • What level of Texlax would I like to go for (slightly texlax look or closer to being natural look)?   Closer to being Natural
  • What product will I use to Texlax my hair? ORS no-lye Lye relaxer  (make sure to use the same product to Texlax hair, same time frame, and using olive oil to slow chemical process)
  • Picking a style that I can use that can work well with my 3 different textures...Twist outs, Braid Outs, Rods (need to purchase some rods)
  • Find a good detangling method that can work with all hair textures
  • Air drying hair will be more challenging 
  • Washing my hair in braids by sections and do more co washes
  • More deep conditioning than usual
  • Hair may shed due to change in hair texture
Wow this seems to be a lot of work but I'm willing to try it and see what happens....Texlax will happen April 30, 2013...

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